Transport from outside the UK

Please note that any advice and recommendations below are for guidance only. We are more than happy to assist but please seek advice from shipping professionals.

Option 1. Travel with the artwork and delivery personally to the Chelsea Old Town Hall (exhibition venue) on the 27th or 28th June within specific times (easy option)

If you are willing and able to physically attend the Biennale (please check covid and visa restrictions), a cheap and easy option is simply to travel with the artwork and deliver your artwork personally – directly to the exhibition venue.

Artworks can be delivered in person (by hand, through a friend or agent) directly to the Chelsea Old Town Hall (exhibition venue) but only on two specific days and within specific times:

  • 27th June between 10am – 7pm
  • 28th June between 10am – 12pm (noon)

We strictly cannot accept artworks directly at the venue at any other times

For this option, wall artworks should be framed and ready to hang with hooks & string, a single central hook or a hanging bar.

Please note that we can store boxes/packaging at the venue.

Address & Info:
Chelsea Old Town Hall
King’s Rd

Option 2. Send your work to a friend or acquaintance located in the UK (easy option)

If you need to send the work from outside the UK, it may be easy and convenient to send your work to someone you know located in the UK before sending it to us.

If you are able to transit your artwork through a UK person/address, before sending it to us, you are essentially sending us an easy domestic shipment rather than an international transport.

  • International shipments to organisations like ours usually involve extra paperwork, fees and higher costs.
  • On the other hand, international shipments between private people are very easy.

How to do it:

  1. Transport your artwork to someone you know in the UK (or a friend of a friend that you trust) by any convenient means.
  2. Once the artwork is inside the UK, the artwork can then be sent/brought to us very easily as a domestic delivery rather than an international import (e.g. by hand, courier or even by post).

If you are able to send the shipment to a UK address before forwarding it to us, then make your arrangements. Once the artwork is in the UK please follow the information related to artwork shipments within the UK

Option 3. If you do not have someone who can receive your works in the UK and you would like to organise an international shipment please click below