Return of your Artwork after the Biennale

Collect your work by hand from the Venue

Artworks can be collected by you, through a friend or agent, directly to the Chelsea Old Town Hall (exhibition venue), but only on two specific days and within specific times. We will have bubble wrap that can be used but there will be very limited help to actually pack works for you at this time (especially on closing night)

Artworks will be removed from the venue after this time

  • Sunday 4th July from 6.15pm – 9pm (closing night of the Biennale)
  • Monday 5th July from 10am – 5pm

Collect your work by hand from Gagliardi Gallery

Once the show is taken down, we will take artworks to storage and pack the artworks that require packing with the original packages. Artworks will be available for pick up, with prior appointment, from the next week starting on Wednesday 14th July.

Sending your work back to you

We will re-pack artworks in their original packaging and liaise with artists/artist representatives for the return shipment.

Artists/representatives can arrange for collection after the 14th July from Gagliardi Gallery (please notify us first) or we can provide transport quotes subject to approval.