International shipping from outside the UK

If you cannot deliver your artwork by the easiest options mentioned on the previous page, you will need to send your work directly to us via a transport company. The process is not difficult but you must read the information carefully and follow our instructions or our shipping agent will be forced to refuse the shipment and this may lead to your work not arriving and not being part of the Biennale.

Option 1: Send your work with a ATA Carnet (necessary for high value artworks)

ATA Carnet lets you temporarily export commercial samples, trade fair or exhibition goods and professional equipment to countries that are part of the ATA Carnet system.

You will need to ask the relevant body in your nation of origin (usually the Chamber of Commerce) to organise an ATA Carnet for your shipment

UK Govt Website link

Please note that all shipments need to be delivered to Gagliardi Gallery

Address & Info:
Gagliardi Gallery
509 King’s Road
London SW10 0TX

Option 2: Send your work with as a normal shipment (e.g. Pack&Send)

Import information:

  • As you are the creator of the artwork, you are able to declare the value your artwork as low or as high as you like – therefore you can essentially choose your import liability. Please choose wisely. 
  • Please check with your transport company if you need a EORI number for the shipment
  • Send us your customs invoice (see below) and transport documentation for approval before you send the artwork so we can check it or we might have to refuse the shipment.
  • There are no tariffs on art imports in the UK but there may be some clearance charges
  • Make sure you have an account with your shipping company or authorise them to pay for charges on your credit card.
  • You may have to pay 5% VAT on your declared artwork value (EU included)
  • In relation to the sales price of your artwork in the Biennale, we will subsequently request a sales price and this does not need to have any relation to the import value.
  • IMPORTANT: All import charges and fees (as well as all transport costs) need to be payable by the sender. If your shipment does not EXPLICITLY specify that all fees are chargeable to the SENDER, we will be forced to refuse the shipment. The transport company must confirm that they are able to charge you (the sender) for customs/clearing fees when you book the shipment (most couriers such as FedEx offer this option but you must be very clear when you book. REMEMBER, IF YOU DO THIS INCORRECTLY WE WILL BE UNABLE TO ACCEPT YOUR SHIPMENT.

Please note that all shipments need to be delivered to Gagliardi Gallery

Address & Info:
Gagliardi Gallery
509 King’s Road
London SW10 0TX

What to include with the shipment

  1. The Artwork (the packet and the artwork need to be labelled with your name and address)
  2. An Invoice (please see template below)

In order to transport the artwork directly to us via courier/transport company from outside the UK, the shipment needs to be accompanied by AN INVOICE that simply states the sender (you), the receiver (Gagliardi Gallery), the item description, the shipment value, the correct commodity code for import (art is 5% in the UK) and that the sender pays all charges

The invoice must be attached to the box and please also give a copy to the driver/transporter.

(PLEASE REMEMBER that you ALSO need to SPECIFICALLY INFORM the transport company that you are liable for all charges/fees or we will be forced to REFUSE the shipment).

You must use a transport company that has your credit card on file – they must be authorised to pay for charges on your behalf. We cannot accept shipments that do not specify that the charges are paid by the sender

Please click here to view our template invoice (delete and replace the information in red with the information related to your artwork).

When to send your artwork

  • Artworks that are framed/ready to exhibit: We need to receive your artwork at any time between now and up to Monday the 21st June 2021. If your artwork is late we may not be able to exhibit it.

We NEED to check your shipping documentation to make sure you have done it correctly

  1. Once you have prepared your customs invoice, please send it to us so we can check it
  2. Once you have booked transport, please send us the shipping documentation so we can check it
  3. WE NEED TO CHECK YOUR TRANSPORT DOCUMENTS TO MAKE SURE ALL IS WELL or we may have to refuse your shipment once it arrives.

Email us on:

You can also call us on +442073523663 if you need help