How to prepare & pack your artwork

Artworks that are to be hung on the wall should be:

  • Labelled with the artists name on the back
  • Framed and ready to hang with hooks & string, a single central hook or a hanging bar. If you require stretching, framing or mounting please click here
  • Sculptures do not require labelling but please let us know if you will provide a plinth. We will display sculptures/installations on our plinths or a raised platform, if appropriate, but if your artwork has its own personalised plinth, that augments its presentation and effect, please feel free to send it with your artwork (optional).

Packing your artwork

  • Please pack artworks safely for transport but appropriately as not all artworks require an elaborate box or crate (e.g. hand delivered/collected artworks do not need much packing at all).
  • Good quality cardboard can be perfectly acceptable and preferable for many types of artworks but you can also use a wood crate if you wish.
  • If you intend for us to re-use your packet/box for return shipment, you need to make sure the packet is easy to open and close and therefore re-usable. We will provide bubble wrap if required.
  • Please avoid real glass on framed artworks as it often can break during transport and damage the artwork (perspex or acrylic glass does not break and is preferable)

All packages should be labelled with:

  • Artist name
  • Sender address (your address)
  • Receiver address (Gagliardi Gallery):

Gagliardi Gallery
509 King’s Road
London SW10 0TX