London Art Biennale 2021 – Awards & Winners

London Art Biennale 2021 Best Work: Pete Codling

Prize: £5,000

Artist Name: Pete Codling
Artist Nation of Origin: UK
Artwork Title: Holy Cow & the Donkey – The Naivety Drawings
Artwork Media: Charcoal and gold leaf on paper
Artwork Dimensions: 220 x 124 cm

London Art Biennale 2021 Award for Painting: Jae Young Park

Prize: £1,500

Artist Name: Jae Young Park
Artist Nation of Origin: South Korea
Artwork Title: Woolscape- yolk
Artwork Media: Oil on canvas
Artwork Dimensions: 50 x 65.1 cm

London Art Biennale 2021 Award for Sculpture/Installation: Jason Briggs

Prize: £1,500

Artist Name: Jason Briggs
Artist Nation of Origin: US
Artwork Title: Picasso
Artwork Media: Porcelain
Artwork Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 13 cm

London Art Biennale 2021 Award for Works on Paper: Elena Sofia Bobei

Prize: £1,500

Artist Name: Elena Sofia Bobei
Artist Nation of Origin: Romania
Artwork Title: MOURNING
Artwork Media: Graphite on paper
Artwork Dimensions: 100 x 70 cm 

London Art Biennale 2021 Award for Digital work/Video: Camilla Gorini

Prize: £1,500

Artist Name: Camilla Gorini
Artist Nation of Origin: Italy
Artwork Title: A study of fragility. Edition 1/7.
Artwork Media: Fine art print
Artwork Dimensions: 62 x 62 cm

Other Awards

Gagliardi Gallery Award

25 artists selected for a 10-day exhibition at Gagliardi Gallery, King’s Road, London

Alejandro Beltrán LazoEcuador
Aleksandra Kann-BogomilskaPoland
Alexander LeeUK
Ana Lucía Cano VillegasColombia
Antonio TrimarchiItaly
Cecilia SjölundSweden
Chelsea Anne StewartUSA
Christian CarliniItaly
Dennis WarnesUK
Diener Boya LaraPanama
Elena GeorgievaBulgaria
Elise WallbridgeCanada | UK
Farahnaz OliaeiIran
Giancarlo ScarsiItaly
Igor Eugen ProkopHungary
Igor GrechanykUkraine
Inna MosienkoUkraine
Jeffrey ServiceAustralia
Joep CaenenNetherlands
Katalin BrannerSwitzerland | Hungary
Kornilova SvetlanaRussia
Ksenia DermenzhiMoldova
Leora BrookUK
Lidia RussoItaly
Lili Afkhami FereidooniIran
Liliyam ParvaIran
Ling-Li WangTaiwan
Natalya ZhadenovaRussia
Peter SzucsyHungary
Renée SimardUSA
Samson Shepheard-WalwynUK
Sanker GaneshMalaysia
Sonia MartinUK
Steffie WallaceAustralia
Tinamaria MarongiuItaly
Vejdi RashidovBulgaria
Rami WakkafSyria

Art Museum of Chianciano Terme Award and City of Art Award

25 artists selected for month-long group show at the Chianciano Art Museum, Italy and 25 artists selected for a month-long group show in the art galleries that surround the 12th Century Piazza of Chianciano Terme, Tuscany, Italy

V. Albu-KantiMoldova | Romania
Carlos Joao Alvarez GuerraCuba
Mao BaltodanoCosta Rica
William Baran-MickleUSA
Axel BeckerGermany
Zhyldyz BekovaKyrgyzstan
Damian BellottiUSA
Katalin BrannerSwitzerland | Hungary
Ian BrennanIreland
Samantha BrownCanada | UK
Sandy BuchananUK
Vera CarboneItaly
Elizabeth CasqueiroPortugal
Rimm ChaeSouth Korea
Kyle A. ChaputUSA
Michel DevanakisGreece
Saeid EmkaniIran
Gisela Engeln-MüllgesGermany
Chang GaoChina
Holly GriffithUSA
Elise GuillaumeBelgium
Haya Heller DeganiIsrael
Mathieu IquelFrance
Bart JanssenNetherlands
Lydia JanssenPortugal | USA
Nick Kacic – MiosicCroatia | USA
Kornilova SvetlanaRussia
Marina LandiaGermany
Sinae LeeCanada
Dorit LeshnickIsrael
Leetzuy 李梓熒Taiwan
Clare Anne Littleton (CAL)UK
Piotr MarcińskiPoland
Sonia MartinUK
Masin MauroItaly
Anne MosesUK
Renée PolitzerGermany
Renée PolitzerGermany
Derek OgbourneUK
Ian PentlandUK
Barbara PorczyńskaPoland
Juan Antonio Puebla AriasCuba | Portugal
Yourden RicardoUSA
Valentina SchandlAustria
Jovanka StanojevicSerbia
Kurt StimmederAustria
Arron SturgeonUSA
Liku MariaJapan
Rafaela TellaecheMexico
Yanko TihovUK
George (Gia) TkabladzeGeorgia | USA
Fatmir TufinaAlbania
Susan WattUK
Seb XavierHong Kong

International Confederation of Art Critics Award

5 artists selected by the International Confederation of Art Critics for an official critical analysis about their work

James EarleyUK
Carmel SaidMalta
Julia KatollaGermany
Michael ThronUSA
Guy TrainUK

Arts Club Chianciano Award

5 artists selected for a week-long art retreat in Tuscany

Roya KhaliliAustria
Marek KrumpárCzech Republic
Marina LandiaGermany
Tom MoleUK
Mieke VandenbulckeBelgium

Final Selection for the London Art Biennale 2021

We have received diverse and impressive applications for the 5th edition of the London Art Biennale. The selection was truly difficult but we have narrowed down to 454 artists for this year’s exhibition. The process was very tight and exceptionally close so artists should not be discouraged if we were not able to include their work in this year’s show – we received a lot of very good work and have done our best to showcase a selection that presents an excellent as well as artistically diverse exhibition for the public.

We will soon be displaying the selected work on the website but you can have a sneak preview on the link below. The artist list (or applicant name) can be found below:

Our Tradition of Charity

Prestigious prizes ranging from important artworks such an original Andy Warhol to a brand new Fiat 500 have been donated over the years in order to raise funds for noble causes. A very special thank you to Lady Sophie Windsor as our charity ambassador for the Biennale 2019.

london art biennale and charity
Councillor Will Pascall, Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea, announcing a winning raffle ticket

This year, there will be a charity raffle in which, as always, 100% of all money raised will go directly to charity. Raffle Prizes will include some very exciting items such as an original artwork by Ludovic Rodo Pissarro 1878 – 1952 (Camille Pissarro’s son and student), an artwork by Hazel Guggenheim Mckinley, 1903-1995, sister to Peggy who founded the Guggenheim museum in Venice, and an artwork by Lady Hobart, 1931 – 2005, the late Duchess of Leeds.

Nicholas Bonham, from the dynasty family of auctioneers, and Roberto Gagliardi during a London Art Biennale charity auction

Raffle lots will also include an original handmade Persian rug, dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Savoy Grill, brunch at the Ritz and a week’s stay for two in a suite at the Arts Club Boutique Hotel in Chianciano, Tuscany.

Tens of thousand pounds have been raised over the years and we look forward to doing our part for special causes and thank the support of our patrons and clients.

How to purchase tickets will be announced a few weeks before the Biennale!

COVID-19 & Brexit: the good news

The UK and London are currently going through a difficult period related to the surge in Covid-19 transmissions but there is hope. To date, approximately 1.3 million people have already been vaccinated and there is widespread confidence that Great Britain will be vastly immunised in the next months leaving lots of time for the build up to the Biennale. The exhibition is taking place at the very end of June/early July so it looks as though the London Art Biennale may be one of the first events to open its doors once the economy is allowed to breathe again. Following the trend after the first lockdown, we are expecting to benefit from an increase in movement and excitement as people are finally allowed to circulate with an unquenched thirst for art that has materialised over months of lockdowns.

In relation to Brexit, the excellent news of the UK/EU trade deal could not have come any later but, as many expected, arrived just on time. The consequences of the successful EU trade deal are that transport to/from the UK and EU member states will be tariff free and easy. Therefore, any deliveries of artworks between the UK and EU will be straightforward and we will, nonetheless, assist and give full guidance to approved artists.

The selection process for the London Art Biennale 2021 is still open/ongoing and will continue for several weeks ahead. The applications have been excellent and will come together in a fabulous 5th edition of the London Art Biennale. Click here to view information related to applying for the Biennale 2021

Christmas Greetings

It has been a strange year for everyone – including artists as well as various sectors of the art world. The selection process for the 2021 London Art Beinnale is open/ongoing and will continue for several weeks ahead. We are very pleased with the quality of the applications and the 5th edition of the Biennale promises to be a breathing exhibition.

We wish you all an excellent Christmas and an even better 2021.

London Art Biennial Team

3D Tour of the Biennale 2021

The London Art Biennale is, of course, a physical exhibition open to the public and in 2021 it may also be captured by the latest 3D technology to immortalise the exhibition. The 3D tour would, not only, allow art lovers who visit the exhibition to have another look at their favourite pieces but would also allow enthusiasts from all around the world to view the show from virtual reality headsets or simply from their personal computers at home.

London Art Biennale

The halls of the Biennale, in their historic and majestic Victorian splendour, showcasing contemporary art ranging from painting to installation to video art, will be a stimulating and exciting experience in high definition 360° view. The artworks that will be exhibited will be evaluated by the selection committee (the selection process is still open for artists to submit) so we have yet to find out which artists will be presented in the 2021 Biennale. However, we do know that the hanging committee always do a stimulating and excellent job of curating the selected artworks.

As ever, nothing beats experiencing the exhibition in person, so we recommend a visit, but the 3D tour will be the next best option for people to view the exhibition in its final curated form!We hope to get this project confirmed and look forward to announcing updates developments!

London Biennale artists to be Exhibited at the Chianciano Art Museum in 2022

The London Art Biennale’s vast range of prizes for selected artists includes exhibition opportunities in various prestigious locations, one of which is the Chianciano Art Museum in Tuscany, Italy.

The Chianciano Art Museum during the Chianciano Biennale.

After the main exhibition of the London Art Biennale, taking place from the 30th of June – 4th of July 2021, 25 artists from the event will be awarded and called to be exhibited in the Chianciano Art Museum for a group show spanning over the course of a month following the conclusion of the Biennale. 

The building’s 3000 m2 space took three years of construction and was inaugurated in 2009 as the Chianciano Art Museum as we know it today. Housing over 1000 artworks from all over the world, from modern and classical artistic movements, including the works of Salvador Dali, Damien Hirst, Edward Munch, Rembrandt, and Guercino among many others, the Museum also hosts numerous temporary exhibitions and has been featured on news platforms such as The New York Times for its impressive collection and its impact on Tuscany as a historical attraction. An accommodator for international artworks, the Chianciano Art Museum is an artistic and cultural hotspot to the province of Chianciano Terme where Renaissance architecture and ancient Roman thermal baths call home.

One of the London Art Biennale’s aims is to help artists gain exposure in the art world, and an opportunity to exhibit Internationally would be an advantageous achievement to start their careers as formal artists.

Floor Plans for 2021 approved

Architects and interior designers have been planning the exhibition layout for the 2021 London Art Biennale to help coalesce artworks to the beautiful Victorian architecture of Chelsea Old Town Hall. The layout for the exhibition has been approved by curator Peter Gagliardi in a vision that will allow the Grade II listed Chelsea Old Town hall, its the Hall adorns high ceilings, intricate wall trims, marble columns and rich wooden floors, to exuding a sophistication and honour its heritage.

Chelsea Old Town Hall entrance

Built in 1887, Chelsea Old Town Hall’s vestry was commissioned and designed by William Willmer Pocock in the Italianate style. The building was discovered to be structurally unsound, so it was demolished and the new vestry was designed by Leonard Stokes in the Neoclassical style, completed in 1907. The Stokes vestry became a frequent venue for art exhibitions throughout the decades, and The London Art Biennale has been established in the Chelsea Old Town Hall since 2013 for art lovers to unite and to celebrate artworks from all over the world. Once again, excitement is brewing in London as preparations are being made for the installation of the fifth edition of the Biennale in 2021.

Due to the historical backgrounds and architecture of the building, Chelsea Old Town Hall is the perfect venue with a formal museum environment to showcase artworks in the most elegant manner. Architects and interior designers are utilising the Hall by putting up temporary walls to maximise space to exhibit artworks, and electricians will be working to accommodate the new wall spaces by installing spotlights that will illuminate the artworks on every wall. The London Art Biennale requires at least a 30-man-team to arrange the exhibition over the span of several days with utmost delicate handling of the artworks.

Main Hall, Chelsea Old Town Hall.

Selection process open for 2021

As we are heading towards the end of 2020, with 2021 just starting to peep around the corner, the art world is getting ready for the much anticipated and prestigious biennial art exhibition in the city – the London Art Biennale.

With four past exhibitions in 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019, the London Art Biennale is currently taking applications for the upcoming 2021 exhibition. A celebration of modern art, and a calling for artists from all over the world with every stylistic choice from any artistic movement, the London Art Biennale offers artists a platform to have their work exhibited in Chelsea, London, where they will have the chance to win numerous awards including monetary prizes of up to a £5,000 GBP. The Biennale’s wide range of awards consists of multiple monetary awards, subcategory awards, and the opportunity to have work professionally critiqued by the International Confederation of Art Critics. Curated by Gagliardi Gallery, in partnership with the Chianciano Art Museum, other prizes include month-long group shows where artwork is chosen for exhibition in an Italian museum, as well as fully paid all-inclusive retreats at The Art Club Boutique in Tuscany, with your very own private art studio for a whole week.