Special guest – Lonnie Schlein

Lonnie Schlein, Pulitzer prize winner and New York Times photo-editor for over 35 years has been nominated as a special guest of the London Art Biennale. Lonnie will be part of the jury as well as responsible for the general photography of the show. Also, as a lovely memory for the exhibited artists, all artworks will be photographed with Lonnie or Biennale curator Peter Gagliardi in order to personally immortalise the moment for each artist presented in our celebration of contemporary art.

For over 35 years, Lonnie Schlein worked as photo-editor for The New York Times while simultaneously pursuing his own career as a photographer. In 2001, he was assigned to handle all photography documenting the Sept. 11 attacks on The United States for the paper’s special section, “A Nation Challenged,” which won the Pulitzer Prize. He also edited The Times’ photo book, “A Nation Challenged,” which remained on the best-seller list for several months.

While at The New York Times, Mr. Schlein served as Foreign Picture Editor and was in charge of photo coverage during the fall of Gorbachev and other major world events; he served as National Picture Editor during both the Clinton and Bush Administrations, and spent much time in Washington directing coverage of three Presidential Elections, Inaugurations, and the Impeachment process. He has also served in the Metro, and Arts sections, as well as the Travel section where he assigned stories to photographers all over the world.