Our Tradition of Charity

Prestigious prizes ranging from important artworks such an original Andy Warhol to a brand new Fiat 500 have been donated over the years in order to raise funds for noble causes. A very special thank you to Lady Sophie Windsor as our charity ambassador for the Biennale 2019.

london art biennale and charity
Councillor Will Pascall, Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea, announcing a winning raffle ticket

This year, there will be a charity raffle in which, as always, 100% of all money raised will go directly to charity. Raffle Prizes will include some very exciting items such as an original artwork by Ludovic Rodo Pissarro 1878 – 1952 (Camille Pissarro’s son and student), an artwork by Hazel Guggenheim Mckinley, 1903-1995, sister to Peggy who founded the Guggenheim museum in Venice, and an artwork by Lady Hobart, 1931 – 2005, the late Duchess of Leeds.

Nicholas Bonham, from the dynasty family of auctioneers, and Roberto Gagliardi during a London Art Biennale charity auction

Raffle lots will also include an original handmade Persian rug, dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Savoy Grill, brunch at the Ritz and a week’s stay for two in a suite at the Arts Club Boutique Hotel in Chianciano, Tuscany.

Tens of thousand pounds have been raised over the years and we look forward to doing our part for special causes and thank the support of our patrons and clients.

How to purchase tickets will be announced a few weeks before the Biennale!