COVID-19 & Brexit: the good news

The UK and London are currently going through a difficult period related to the surge in Covid-19 transmissions but there is hope. To date, approximately 1.3 million people have already been vaccinated and there is widespread confidence that Great Britain will be vastly immunised in the next months leaving lots of time for the build up to the Biennale. The exhibition is taking place at the very end of June/early July so it looks as though the London Art Biennale may be one of the first events to open its doors once the economy is allowed to breathe again. Following the trend after the first lockdown, we are expecting to benefit from an increase in movement and excitement as people are finally allowed to circulate with an unquenched thirst for art that has materialised over months of lockdowns.

In relation to Brexit, the excellent news of the UK/EU trade deal could not have come any later but, as many expected, arrived just on time. The consequences of the successful EU trade deal are that transport to/from the UK and EU member states will be tariff free and easy. Therefore, any deliveries of artworks between the UK and EU will be straightforward and we will, nonetheless, assist and give full guidance to approved artists.

The selection process for the London Art Biennale 2021 is still open/ongoing and will continue for several weeks ahead. The applications have been excellent and will come together in a fabulous 5th edition of the London Art Biennale. Click here to view information related to applying for the Biennale 2021

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