3D Tour of the Biennale 2021

The London Art Biennale is, of course, a physical exhibition open to the public and in 2021 it may also be captured by the latest 3D technology to immortalise the exhibition. The 3D tour would, not only, allow art lovers who visit the exhibition to have another look at their favourite pieces but would also allow enthusiasts from all around the world to view the show from virtual reality headsets or simply from their personal computers at home.

London Art Biennale

The halls of the Biennale, in their historic and majestic Victorian splendour, showcasing contemporary art ranging from painting to installation to video art, will be a stimulating and exciting experience in high definition 360° view. The artworks that will be exhibited will be evaluated by the selection committee (the selection process is still open for artists to submit) so we have yet to find out which artists will be presented in the 2021 Biennale. However, we do know that the hanging committee always do a stimulating and excellent job of curating the selected artworks.

As ever, nothing beats experiencing the exhibition in person, so we recommend a visit, but the 3D tour will be the next best option for people to view the exhibition in its final curated form!We hope to get this project confirmed and look forward to announcing updates developments!

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