Floor Plans for 2021 approved

Architects and interior designers have been planning the exhibition layout for the 2021 London Art Biennale to help coalesce artworks to the beautiful Victorian architecture of Chelsea Old Town Hall. The layout for the exhibition has been approved by curator Peter Gagliardi in a vision that will allow the Grade II listed Chelsea Old Town hall, its the Hall adorns high ceilings, intricate wall trims, marble columns and rich wooden floors, to exuding a sophistication and honour its heritage.

Chelsea Old Town Hall entrance

Built in 1887, Chelsea Old Town Hall’s vestry was commissioned and designed by William Willmer Pocock in the Italianate style. The building was discovered to be structurally unsound, so it was demolished and the new vestry was designed by Leonard Stokes in the Neoclassical style, completed in 1907. The Stokes vestry became a frequent venue for art exhibitions throughout the decades, and The London Art Biennale has been established in the Chelsea Old Town Hall since 2013 for art lovers to unite and to celebrate artworks from all over the world. Once again, excitement is brewing in London as preparations are being made for the installation of the fifth edition of the Biennale in 2021.

Due to the historical backgrounds and architecture of the building, Chelsea Old Town Hall is the perfect venue with a formal museum environment to showcase artworks in the most elegant manner. Architects and interior designers are utilising the Hall by putting up temporary walls to maximise space to exhibit artworks, and electricians will be working to accommodate the new wall spaces by installing spotlights that will illuminate the artworks on every wall. The London Art Biennale requires at least a 30-man-team to arrange the exhibition over the span of several days with utmost delicate handling of the artworks.

Main Hall, Chelsea Old Town Hall.