Apply for the Biennale 2019

  1. All exhibited work has to be approved by the London Biennale Selection committee. Selections may close before the established time if the curators achieve the perfect number of artworks for the exhibition.
  2. There is a cost for the London Art Biennale of £1,500 GBP inclusive of 20% VAT. (£250 refundable application deposit + £1,250 balance)


► Step 1 - Fill out the application form

► Step 2 - Check your email for payment details

► Step 3 - Pay the application deposit of £250

► Step 4 - Send artwork images

If the selection process is not passed, £250 application deposit is fully refunded to artist.

If the Artist is approved, £1,250 (to reach the total of £1,500) is then due for full participation in the Biennale



Apply now for the Biennale 2019


► Details & Refund

  1. Once the form has been completed, you will receive an email requesting the application fee of £250 which is fully refunded if an artist is not approved for the Biennale.
  2. If the artist is approved, the application fee is considered as a deposit of the subsequent total participation fee of £1,500 inc. V.A.T.
  3. After an artist or artist representative has filled out the form and the application fee has been paid, the artist or artist representative will then be contacted by the London Art Biennale so that a dialogue can be opened to choose the artworks to present to the Selection Committee. The selection process is purely based on skill and talent. The actual artworks to be exhibited can be chosen at a later stage.
  4. Once the artist has been accepted, the actual works for the exhibition are identified and selected and the remaining fee will be due.
  5. If an artist is not approved, the application fee will be returned and no fee will be witheld from the artist or artist representative whatsoever.