How your art is promoted

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday 26th November 2016


The promotional campaign for the Biennale needs to start far in advance of the actual exhibition. Therefore the artists that are approved early on are able to benefit from a wonderful opportunity.


Artists can choose between

  • SAATCHI Museum Magazine
    (Option no longer available) Available for 20 artists, 4 artists per full page
  • Art Critiques by experts
    (Option no longer available) Available for 10 artists
  • Work on the 10,000 printed invitations 
    (Option no longer available) Available for 10 artists (8 page booklet in A5 format)
  • Work on the digital invitation
    (Option no longer available) Available for 5 artists (5 different invitations will be sent to our mailing list)
  • Professional Artist website
    (Option no longer available) ​Available for 5 artists (this option can be exchanged for art critique if artist already possesses website)
  • London Life Magazine
    (Option no longer available) Available for 10 artists, 4 artists per full page


The principle concern of the London Biennale is to give exposure to the selected artists and therefore there is a powerful promotional campaign.

Rather than having a generic message related to the Biennale, our system is to use the selected artists' images and names for the promotion. In this way, the artist is not only seen in the show and on the catalogue but also on important and prestigious publicity.

► Details of the promotion

Selected artists can choose one of the following free options. There is a maximum of approximately 120 artists selected for the Biennale. The first artists to apply can confirm their preference on the application form. If the option is available on the application form at time of registration, the artist is guaranteed the exposure (provided the artist takes part in the Biennale).

► Saatchi Gallery Magazine exposure

Artwork published on Saatchi Gallery Magazine. The Biennale will publish 5 full pages, 4 artists will be published on each page. This option is open to the first 20 artists that request this publication. This is the official Saatchi Gallery Magazine in London, readership 250,000.

► Professional Critiques

Art Critique by International Confederation of Art Critics. There will be ten critiques, This option is open to the first 10 artists that request this publication.

► 10,000 printed invitations

This year, the printed invitations for the Biennale will be in the format of an 8 page A5 booklet. The format allows for 10 artists to be published inside with one work, title and nationality included. The invitations are sent to potential clients with the help of the Gagliardi Gallery, established nearly 40 years ago on the King's road in Chelsea.

► Artist Website by experts

Professional Artist Website. 5 websites are available as options for artists who wish to upgrade/replace an existing site or just have a another website about them and their work.

► London Life Magazine

70,000 copies of the London Life Magazines are distributed to letterboxes of homes worth more than £1 million GBP. 10 artists will be able to have their works published on this magazine on 2 full pages (double spread). 

Other Institutional magazine publicity about the Biennale:

  • British Museum Magazine
    Full Back cover adverts
  • SAATCHI Museum Magazine
    Full page adverts
  • Galleries Magazine
    Full page adverts
  • Absolute Chelsea Magazine
    Full page adverts
  • London Life Magazine
    Full page adverts
  • Galleries Magazine, UK
    Full page adverts - magazine distributed to art galleries all around the UK.

► All artists benefit from 

  • Printed catalogue
  • Online Catalogue
  • Free collateral events
  • Biennale Exhibition