Biennale 2019 Appointments

The London Art Biennale is open to the general public from the 23rd to the 26th May between 10am and 7pm


Admission is free and all are welcome



London Biennale Event Calendar:


Wednesday 22nd May 2019, 6.30 - 9.30pm

Official London Biennale Inauguration

Chelsea Old Town Hall (invitation only)
Opened by Lady Sophie Windsor


Friday 24th May 2019, 3pm

The Mayor's Visit

Chelsea Old Town Hall (open to the public)

The Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea will visit the Biennale and draw the winning charity raffle tickets in which a Fiat 500 and other prizes can be won.
Click here for information and to purchase raffles tickets


Friday 24th May 2019, 6.30 - 8.30pm

“Life is beautiful. Always” 

Chelsea Old Town Hall (open to the public)

Presentation of VR and Art installation that addresses mental health and an evening with artists.

Dominic Green (Filmmaker) Daniel Bacchus (VR, multimedia specialist and digital design) both senior lecturers at Sheffield Hallam University in collaboration with multi disciplinary artist Marcel Schreur will present an insightful and entertaining evening.

Visual art and cutting edge technology can lead to a better understanding and affect positive societal, if not humanitarian, change.

Life is beautiful. Always. Addresses Mental and physical health. 

The artists are presenting a new work after the summer with a story on a 94 year old lady surviving the Gulags in Siberia.
How does one survive?

peter gagliardi London Art Biennale with Fabio Capello

Fabio Capello with Peter Gagliardi during the 2019 London Art Biennale


Saturday 25th May 2019, 7.30pm - 10pm

Party at Gagliardi Gallery for the Biennale artists

Gagliardi Gallery (invitation only)
Italian delicacies and music


Sunday 26th May 2019, 5.30pm

Biennale Prize Giving Ceremony

Chelsea Old Town Hall (open to the public)

Jury panels:

  • London Art Biennale Jury
  • International Confederation of Art Critics
  • Rotary Club of Kensington and Chelsea Jury